Above Glass Corp. is a privately owned company dedicated to the distribution of glass related products. From treatment and care, detailed finishing, or beautiful decorations, we have a variety of products to accommodate pre-existing concepts as well as new innovations.

Located in Miami and with over 20 years of experience in the glass industry, our network consists of many companies in the international market, which gives us access to the finest cutting-edge technology. Above Glass Corp. strives to bring you the details necessary to maintain or improve your product and retain its status as top-notch in the field.

Above Glass has made it a priority to keep on searching for new products. Which can help industries achieve great results not only in glass but also in other materials. These products are yours to try and compare; we bring them to you with the utmost certainty that you will not be disappointed.

Do not miss the opportunity to improve upon your product lowering your costs and providing a safer environment for your work force. Try our products; you won’t regret it!!!