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  - Bottles  
  - Tableware  
  - Flat glass  
  - Lighting  
  - Glass tile  
  - Shower doors  
  - Gifts and collectibles  
  - Promotion items, novelties  
   and sourvenirs
  - Artistic glass  

  1. Water base glass frosting powder
  2. Glass frosting paste
  3. Superfine glass frosting powder
  To protect the glass from being etched try NL Defender WP-100
1. Water Base glass frosting powder


For many years the acid base glass frosting powder is being used to finish glass products. In the preparation and application of this product, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid should be continuously added. They are very dangerous and harmful to the operators. Using them for a long period of time, they not only pollute the air but they are also uneasily to deal with.

Above Glass Corp. is offering now the Water Base Environment Protection Glass Frosting Powder, which has its specific properties, as only water is added in its preparation and application without using any acids. In addition, the prepared liquid can be used for a long time no matter how many pieces of glass are to be finished.



Frosting process:

2. Glass frosting Paste

Specially created for silk-screen or serigraphy, our Glass Frosting Paste gives freedom to your imagination. You are able to create any design you wish in a very cost-effective way.

3. Superfine glass frosting powder

Don’t waste your time or money in your employee’s working time. If your priority is high production this product is the solution… only 5 seconds of treatment. This acid base product works really fast!!!



  Believe it or not! When your concern is “PRODUCTION”, try Superfine glass frosting powder… You will increase your production 30 times!!!  
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