All the products are organic and made for low temperature curing (180 C). The range therefore meet the requirements of many applications, such as spraying with guns, screen-printing, pad-printing, roller coating of flat glass and hand decorating of various base supports such as glass, plastics and metal.



The line of products is gathered in four TECHNICAL BRANCHES.
1. Screen printing and pad printing

Inks for decoration and protection of metals, thermoplastic and thermosetting materials satisfy the standards of resistance required by the main European industries producing household appliances, car components, sports articles, toys and advertising panels.

2. Glass and ceramics

Water base and solvent base spray varnishes and screen printing inks. The variety of colors and finishes is almost unlimited, and the characteristics of resistances are conforming to the requirements of cosmetic, tableware, bottling and lighting industries as well as house and bathroom furniture

3. Galvanic metals

Spray and syringe varnishes for decoration and protection of galvanic metals in a wide range of solid, transparent, metallic and pearly colors and a rich collection of sublimable transfer foils in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Main markets are spectacle frames, jewelry and gift articles.

4. Plastic materials

Spray varnishes, water and solvent base, for application on a large number of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. They are conforming to the international regulations and to the characteristic of resistance required by the industries producing household appliances, toys, spectacle frames, car components, sports articles and furniture.

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